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If you have been mulling over whether or not you should get a psychic reading then it might behoove you to learn about the many benefits that a free psychic reading can provide for you. Perhaps you are trying to cope with an overwhelming amount of stress. Maybe you experienced a very specific kind of trauma early in your life. Do you have a phobia or problems with anxiety? Is there a loved one who passed not too long ago and you feel remorse or regret for not repairing your relationship? Are you trying to figure out what you purpose in life is?

As you can see there are a great number of questions that a person can have that might make them consider getting a free psychic reading. Some of these questions can be incredibly deep and introspective, dealing with grief or a sense of being or purpose while others could simply just attempt to address more general ponderings about life as a whole. It does not matter what kinds of questions you might have, a quality psychic reading could help you find the answers you are looking for.

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When you take up a free psychic reading you will be able to tap into the highly refined sensibilities of the professional psychic you are working with. They will help you to focus and concentrate on the things you want; often this is known as the power of intention. The power intention unifies your mind and body into achieving what it wants most and that is the major benefit of a psychic reading. When you can attune your whole being to acquire that which you want most you are more apt to hear the call of the universe around you as it tries to help you. This longing could be to find spiritual answers or to simply help you find peace with a recent death in the family.

There are a couple of other ways that a free psychic reading could help you. In addition to finding great realization in regards to emptiness or questions that you have, many psychics also possess the power to heal. This could come in the form of removing doubt or anxiety in your life or just giving you peace of mind. If you seek the aid of a particularly gifted and well educated psychic they might also give you advice about lifestyle changes you can make (diet and nutrition, exercise and activity, social affairs, etc.) that will help you stay focused on the things you want as well as remain on the track that will take you closer to accomplishing your goals.

These are just a couple of ways that a free psychic reading can benefit you. Of course, if it is of no cost to you, then you really have nothing to lose. If you really do have some personal memory blocks are want to relieve your anxiety, this might be the perfect way for you to do so in a risk-free environment.

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Thursday, January 4, 2007

Toxic chemicals were found in four Canadian politicians after they volunteered to have their blood tested as part of Environmental Defense’s report titled Toxic Nation on Parliament Hill.

The federal politicians that were tested are:

Godfrey at number 55 had the highest total number of pollutants followed by HealthMinister Tony Clement and Jack Layton at 54 and Environment Minister Rona Ambrose at 49.

They were tested for a total of 103 chemicals, which are related to cancer, developmental problems, respiratory illnesses, and nervous system damage. The chemicals found in them were mainly from household items which can cause cancer. In total, 54 carcinogens, 37 hormone disruptors, 16 respiratory toxins, 54 reproductive or developmental toxins, and 33 neurotoxins were found within the four politicians.

According to Dr. Rick Smith, Environmental Defence’s executive director, the politicians are more contaminated than the ordinary citizens tested last year.

“Our tests show that pollution affects everyone. From Parliament Hill to kids in Vancouver and Saint John, harmful pollutants are contaminating the bodies of Canadians no matter where they live, how old they are or where they work, play or go to school,” said Dr. Rick Smith. “I don’t know why that is. Maybe it has to do with their strange lifestyle — eating out a lot and a high-stress existence,” he said.

“Maybe its attributable to the unique lifestyles these guys lead,” Mr. Smith said. “Politicians have a very strange, very stressful lifestyle that results in them grabbing a bite to eat when they can and eating a lot of junk food.”

All four politicians were more polluted than child and adult volunteers that participated in a survey released last June for pollutants in families.

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Saturday, July 25, 2020

The following is the second edition of a monthly series chronicling the 2020 United States presidential election. It features original material compiled throughout the previous month after an overview of the month’s biggest stories.

This month’s spotlight on the campaign trail includes interviews with the vice presidential nominees of the Prohibition Party, Reform Party, and the Life and Liberty Party.

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Thursday, September 21, 2017

On Monday night, New Jersey, US-based toy retail giant Toys R Us filed for bankruptcy in the US as well as in Canada. The retailer filed it from Richmond, Virginia for Chapter 11 bankruptcy code in the US, and a judge allowed a loan of over US$2 billion.

According to the filing, the retail chain owns US$6.6 billion in assets, but has a debt of US$7.9 billion. They were under a roughly US$5 billion debt since the company underwent a three-way acquisition in 2005. Kohlberg Kravis Roberts, Bain Capital, and Vornado Realty Trust acquired Toys R Us for around US$7 to US$7.5 billion. After the US judge approved a loan, Toys R Us received about US$3 billion from the lenders to continue the business and survive a competitive market, and restructure their business model. E-commerce giant, Walmart and Target are some of the competitors for the conventional ‘brick and mortar’ toy shop, with lower priced-merchandise and fast, cheap delivery. In a conference call in June, CEO Dave Brandon said “very, very aggressive pricing online” was causing problems. He also said the company was experiencing “significant weakness in demand for their products globally”. Toys R Us are to clear a debt of US$400 million by May 2018.

Toys R Us said they would continue to operate for the holiday season. Bankruptcy lawyer Jeff Gleit said Toys R Us “need to do both a financial restructuring as well as an operational restructuring” and “needs to modernize with the times”. Last holiday season, Toys R Us made sales around US$4.5 billion. Overall, the company reported a US$29 million loss in 2016. CEO Brandon said, “Our objective is to work with our debt holders and other creditors to restructure the US$5 billion of long-term debt on our balance sheet, which will provide us with greater financial flexibility to invest in our business”.

Toys R Us employs more than 60 thousand people in 38 countries around the world in more than 1600 stores. The company’s stocks fell by six percent after filing for Chapter 11 protection. US bankruptcy code Chapter 11 allows the company to restructure under a plan approved by the court. The company would also be shielded from creditors’ claims during the process. For the stores located in Canada, Toys R Us filed bankruptcy in Ontario and are to undergo reorganisation. However, 259 stores located outside the US or Canada will not undergo reorganisation, the company said.

Over 300 US-based retailers have filed for bankruptcy this year, and hundreds of stores closed.

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By Shabi

Just like you want to stay healthy and live a healthy lifestyle, so too should your pet live a similar healthy lifestyle. This is not a luxury that either of you can forego, and getting organic dog food for your dog is one of the few things that you can do to keep your faithful companion in the best of health.

Organic dog food can be found readily at many stores now, although probably not in smaller townships and such where organic foods and the fad of going organic has not yet fully caught on. If this is the case you might need to go to a specialty store or a health food store to obtain organic dog food for your dog.

The question you might want to ask however might be why you would want to go to so much trouble to get organic dog food for your dog. Well, besides the healthy aspect of things, by giving your dog organic dog food, you can be assured that no poisonous chemicals in the form of fertilizers and pesticides are getting into his system.

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Organic dog food just like the organic foods we eat, are also free of genetically modified organisms. When you take all of these coupled together with the fact that organic foods are also produced using the best natural methods for the earth, it all makes one convincing case to go out and get your dog organic dog food.

The one thing that might give you pause for thought when looking at getting organic dog food is the prohibitive costs that you will encounter. Granted, the costs aren’t as high as they were a few years ago when organic dog food came out on the market, but they can still be pretty staggering if you have to manage on a tight budget.

Then of course you have the problem of not knowing whether your dog will actually take to his new diet. Some canine companions are notoriously picky when it comes to their meals and a change from the norm might incur what amounts to a food strike, from your dog until you give him back his normal fare.

If you know that your dog is one of these picky eaters (I know that mine is definitely a picky eater!) you might want to first introduce the organic dog food to their diets in slow stages.

This helps to make it easier on your pockets, and in the unlikely event that your dog dislikes his new organic dog food you know that you won’t be stuck with a whopping bag of dog feed on your hands.

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Monday, October 11, 2010

Wikinews interviewed author Amy Scobee about her book Scientology – Abuse at the Top, and asked her about her experiences working as an executive within the organization. Scobee joined the organization at age 14, and worked at Scientology’s international management headquarters for several years before leaving in 2005. She served as a Scientology executive in multiple high-ranking positions, working out of the international headquarters of Scientology known as “Gold Base”, located in Gilman Hot Springs near Hemet, California.

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Thursday, September 25, 2008

A Louisiana representative has proposed a controversial solution to “generational welfare,” which would pay women on welfare to get sterilization. Republican John LaBruzzo said he thought of the idea because of his constituents’ outrage over paying for welfare.

“You have these people who are just fed up with working their buns off to try to provide for their own family and being forced by the government [to] provide for others’ families who just want to have unlimited kids”, he commented. He is currently working with Baton Rouge to gather data in support of his proposal.

The idea, which LaBruzzo has not finished forming, would award any woman on government assistance a check of $1,000 if she gets a tubal ligation operation. LaBruzzo is also considering rewarding sterilization in poor men and giving tax incentives for higher-income families to have more children.

Is this proposal modern-day eugenics?
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LaBruzzo, who is pro-life, said that the people “on the other side of the political spectrum are pro-choice. Well, let’s give these people the ability to choose.”

While LaBruzzo has stated that he has received an outpouring of support over his idea, the ACLU spoke out against the proposal and called it a “meanspirited attempt to eliminate the poor.” Planned Parenthood representative Julie Mickelberry called it a “bribery”, suggesting a solution which attacked the root of the problem was needed and that the representative needed to “go back to addressing issues of education about unintended pregnancy and opening healthcare access.”

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Monday, February 4, 2008

Claiming that “actions are being taken”, a person replying to emails to the Church of Scientology has responded exclusively to Wikinews regarding the recent attacks on their web sites from the nebulous “Anonymous” group. In an effort to get the Church’s side of the story, Wikinews freelance journalist Brian McNeil located a contact address, A “Laetitia” responded, ignoring a detailed list of questions that would have given information on the damage inflicted on the Church and action taken. Instead non-specific comments about how the Church is handling the issue were given. She first started by asking if Wikinews was “part of Anonymous or are you pro-Scientology?”

“Activities of Anonymous have been reported to the Authorities and actions are being taken. Their activities are illegal and we do not approve of them. At the same time, our main work is to improve the environment, make people more able and spiritually aware. … yes, we are taking action,” said Laetitia.

‘Anonymous’ first came to public attention when the group launched denial-of-service attacks against the Church’s website, following the Church’s attempts to remove a promotional video featuring Scientologist Tom Cruise from YouTube. Although YouTube is complying with the requests to remove the video, other sites such as have stated that they will continue hosting the video.

Fielding expert opinions on the Church’s response, Wikinews turned to Andreas Heldal-Lund, the creator of the Operation Clambake project, as well as a former Scientologist who wished to remain anonymous.

“I believe strongly in freedom of speech and, living in the best country in the world, I came to the conclusion that I had to help protest this cult. To me CoS [Church of Scientology] was then, and still is, a fascistic organization and a real threat to our democratic principles,” said Andreas Heldal-Lund, the creator of Operation Clambake.

“The strategy was to disarm the cult; if they took down something I linked to, I had made preparations to link to another copy or host it myself. The more they resisted it the more attention we got, the more the information was spread and the more people got involved. It felt like a cat and mouse game for many years. What for me started as a weekend stunt grew far beyond my initial scope and Operation Clambake became the site most critics linked and referred to,” added Heldal-Lund.

Heldal-Lund states that the effort of the Church to remove criticism of its organization from the web is failing.

“The cult ‘Orgs’ are ‘dead’. Recruiting in most western countries where they once experienced a healthy organic growth is very hard. All their most secret documents are spread beyond recall and easily available for anybody interested. More people than we ever dreamed now know about Scientology and at least that it ‘smells fishy’. All the information we once fought day and night to protect is now easily available for free and on the top of Google. The cult has even given up threatening us,” added Heldal-Lund who also said that there are “no major lawsuits ongoing or pending” against Operation Clambake.

“We are taking action, Anonymous will be handled and stopped, but not to the detriment of us stopping all community outreach activities. We’ve had people throw attacks at us in the past as they do not agree with the betterment of people. History is strewn with such people who start wars, wreak havoc etc. and they never continue to exist in the long run as their purpose is one of destruction. That’s a statistical and historical fact,” stated Laetitia.

Laetitia had earlier stated that Wikinews was not allowed to use the quotes that they provided saying they, “have a problem with [Wikinews] quoting this. You are writing on a help website and it isn’t the right source for the “Scientology opinion,” but later acknowledged that the inquiries were of a press nature stating, “you have made it clear [that you are a journalist] and I appreciate you being upfront on the matter.”

An expert evaluation on the e-mails by a former Church member and expert on the religion reveals that Laetitia may have slipped, providing information that she may not have been authorized to provide.

“The person you were speaking to was from the ‘Planetary Dissemination Org’ (PDO), a unit within the Sea Org responsible for promoting Scientology to new recruits which is responsible for Scientology’s websites. Most probably, the person that you were talking to did not have permission to talk to the press, which is why the person got edgy when publication was talked about. Judging by the way she responded, I am of the opinion that she felt that Wikinews was ‘PTS’ [Potential Trouble Source] as a result of being connected to whoever Scientology believes ‘Anonymous’ is, thus was attempting to handle Wikinews’ suppressive tendencies that they believe would occur as a result. It is also interesting to note that she followed a Scientology training document entitled ‘BTB 10 DEC 1969 REPORTER TRs’,” said the expert who wishes to remain totally anonymous.

“‘Then using different questions, the PRO [Public Relations Officer] gives ‘no answers’. The trick is to appear to answer the question by giving generalized statements in simple terms so that the reporter doesn’t realize his question hasn’t been answered’. Aside from being an obvious filibuster, it also shows she has been trained to deal with reporters,” added the expert who also said that the question the Church asked Wikinews: ‘Are you part of Anonymous or are you pro-Scientology’, “I find this particularly interesting as an example of Scientological for-or-against logic. In other words, if you aren’t pro-Scientology, the writer reasoned, you must be a member of Anonymous because you wouldn’t be writing to her.”

As the war between the Internet and Scientology rages on, the owner of says that he is prepared to “re-enter the CoS scene”, and respond to The Regime, a hacker group which attempted to shut down 711chan using keylogging to gain an administrator password to 711chan. Prior to the site coming back online this morning, Plasma, the owner and operator of, had this to say;

“The g00ns, one of our allies, are working on getting “The Regime” and told us to get right back into the CoS scene — which means as soon as 711chan is back online, we will be re-entering raid mode.” Also, despite earlier claims and suspicions that The Regime might have been hired by or be part of the Church of Scientology, Plasma told Wikinews that The Regime “are not part of the Church. g00ns [organization] have a long history with ‘immortal’, and what ‘immortal’ is trying to do is get at g00ns by using 711chan. It’s nothing against us.”

The website came back online this morning, and already over 18,000 posts have been made on its functioning imageboards. The owners have, via a message posted on the homepage of the site, promised to restore the other boards in the coming weeks dependent on which boards the users would like to see revived. One Anonymous user of the site had this to say about the revival, “711 is patched up and ready to take it’s place among the Legion.”

Worldwide protests have been scheduled by ‘Anonymous’ to take place against the Church on February 10, 2008. There are expected to be at least 217 protests taking place on the 10th at Church headquarters around the globe.

In a poll conducted by Wikinews on 816 internet news readers, 80% (660) said that The Internet will win the war against Scientology. 7% (63) said that the Church would win. 8% (66) said neither side will win and 3% (27) didn’t care.

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The Advantages Of Stainless Tanks

February 16, 2021 3:16 pm | No Comments

byAlma Abell

Depending on the type of storage tank you need you may have a variety of different possible options in materials. If you do then it is important to carefully consider the advantages of each before making a choice. Since stainless tanks are usually always an option, reviewing the advantages of this metal allow should be a priority.

Corrosion and Rust Resistance

One of the most obvious advantages to stainless tanks is their natural corrosion and rust resistance. In fact the stainless alloy actually creates, through oxidation, a natural protective film over the surface. This prevents most types of corrosive elements, including fresh or salt water, from damaging the metal.

Temperature Resistance

For any type of processing work stainless tanks are a good match because they can stand extreme temperature ranges without any damage to the actual surface or physical nature of the alloy. This means that stainless tanks won’t become brittle with heating or the surface won’t begin to scale or flake as seen with some alloys.

Long Life

With excellent corrosion and rust resistance, even if scratched or abraded during use, stainless tanks have very long lives when compared to other equipment used in applications and processes. With longer life the cost of replacement for a tank is greatly reduced, helping to lower overhead and operation without the need for repeated costly replacements.

Highly Workable

Stainless steel is one of the alloys that are easy to fabricate and work with to produce top quality tanks for all types of uses. This includes both storage tanks and pressurized tanks. Stainless tanks, depending on their use requirements, can be welded and fabricated without some of the issues found with other alloys that can weaken the metal through the fabrication process.

Keeps its Looks

Stainless steel is used in many different household products for the very reason it is also used in industrial applications. It is resistant to scratches, scuffing and staining and can look new even after years of demanding use.

For this reason, and because it can be easily cleaned and sterilized, stainless tanks are now the go to choice in virtually all food processing industries as well as in many manufacturing, and pressure vessel applications.

Bluetongue outbreak in Germany

February 13, 2021 3:04 pm | No Comments

Thursday, September 20, 2007

A highly dynamic Bluetongue (or catarrhal fever) infection of sheep herds is underway in Germany. From August 2006 till September 9, 2007, 1,833 farms had reported the presence of the infection. From Sept 9. till September 14, 2007, the number of farms reporting infections has grown to 5,686. The number of deaths is estimated around 15,000 sheep.

Bluetongue infection is of viral origin and is harmless to humans. It is an insect-borne viral disease of ruminants, mainly sheep and less frequently of cattle, goats, buffalo, deer, dromedary camels and antelope. There are no reports of human transmission.

The origin of the infection is not clear but it is one of the diseases which is still feared to invade Northern Europe as a consequence of global warming. No official sources are as yet available as the affected sheep farmers have tried to get the news on the media but to no avail.

The disease has also been found in Belgium, France, the Netherlands and Luxembourg. The United Kingdom Department for Environment Food and Rural Affairs says the virus could spread from Northern Europe to the UK, but is unlikely.

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