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byAlma Abell

People hear so many horror stories about buying used cars that it often scares them away from used car lots. However, not all used car dealerships are looking to rip off customers. In fact, most are trying to make an honest living, and are just trying to get the right customers into the right vehicles. That being said, there are still many things one should ask when looking at used cars. After all, these vehicles have been pre-owned, and it is important to know if there are any issues that will need to be taken care of before purchase, which could deter someone from buying a particular vehicle.

When buying a used vehicle from a Harrisburg auto service dealership, it is important to ask them a lot of questions. Some questions are pretty obvious, such as how many owners the vehicle has had and the condition of the vehicle. Others are questions that many people wouldn’t even think to ask. These questions include:

* Has the vehicle ever needed any major repairs over and above regular wear and tear repairs?

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* Has the vehicle ever been involved in a collision?

* Has the vehicle been serviced by anyone other than licensed mechanics?

Has the vehicle ever been used as a taxi or delivery vehicle?

Is it alright to take the vehicle to a different mechanic to have it inspected before buying it?

Has the vehicle ever been used as an emergency vehicle?

Has the vehicle ever been used as a lease or a rental?

Are there service records for the vehicle?

Where did the vehicle originally come from (city, state)

Does the odometer show the accurate mileage on the vehicle?

The more a potential buyer can learn about a used vehicle, the better. Generally, there is not a long warranty on used vehicles. If there are any issues, they may not show up until after the warranty has run out. When a buyer asks a lot of questions before buying any used vehicle from a Harrisburg auto service dealership, they are a lot less likely to have problems with the vehicle they purchase.

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