Cause Of Acne.

Sometimes the skin cells will form together and cause the pores to clog up. The bacteria in the pores are what will cause swelling and this is what brings on a pimple. When the bacteria start to break down that is when you see the pimple start to form on the skin. There are many types of pimples and there are different causes for most of them.

Whiteheads are pimples that stay under the surface of the skin. There are blackheads that are on the skins surface and they are dark in color. There are also papules and they are small pink bumps that can be tender on the skin as well. Pustules are the ones that are red on the bottom and have the pus oozing from the top of it.


Nodules are large and very painful pimples. They are found deep within the skin and will cause irritation to the person that has it. Cysts are the deep and painful ones as well, are again filled with pus, and can cause scars on the skin as well.

There is no real known cause of acne. There are many things that doctors think bring it on and can cause it in different people. Hormones in pregnant women are one thing that may be a factor for acne. Hormones are another reason why teenagers get acne. If a woman is starting or ending birth control pills, this can cause pimples to start on their body. Some forms of medicine are another cause of acne and will be the reason why many women get it.

Some make up brands are greasy and they will have ingredients in them that will make some women break out. You can usually tell this if the acne is starting where the makeup is applied. You should try to stick to the hypoallergenic brands that will not be harsh to the skin.

Many times acne will run in the family. This is called hereditary and there is just no way to avoid it. You have to take it and deal with the problem as best that you can. If your mother had bad acne, chances are you will too. You just have to treat it earlier so that you can get the problem under control faster and not have to deal with it so late in life.