Merits And Demerits Of Cell Phones

April 19, 2021 3:44 pm

As everyone is familiar about the advantages of cell phones there is also need to know about disadvantages as well. No doubt mobile phones are playing a vital role in every aspect of our life. Recent development in mobile phone industry has made cell phones more sophisticated and smart. Productivity has increased due to the technological improvement in cell phone industry. It is easy to send any data or mail to anyone in the world via internet on cell phone. We always pass our leisure time by plying games or watching video songs and movies on our cell phones etc.

Almost everyone is taking advantage from cell phones because of its plenty of functions. If we generally observe the functions of cell phones, we can find that cell phone is performing voice calling, video calling, messaging, multimedia messaging, emailing via internet and can transfer any type of data. There are plenty of other functions, we can install any operating software in mobile and can use it for official work for instance we can use Microsoft office in our cell phone to arrange the data and processing. There is wide range of applications software as well as operating software available in the markets for cell phones.


Where the cell phones have great and huge merits there are also demerits as well. Most of our people use mobile phones just for enjoyment not for productive use and this is a big disadvantage of cell phones. All the economies of every country depend upon their effective population but today most of economies are under depression due to plenty of reasons and mobile phone is one of them. Cell phone is destroying our emerging student community because of its unproductive use and this is a big drain of every economy. Today teenage students also have cell phones and they do not pay attentions on their work and keep themselves busy in messaging and music even they use cell phone during school timing. The excessive unproductive use of mobile phone is presenting the alarming situation for the economy of that country and its students. To avoid this, strategic measures should be made by the countries and parents.

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